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Did you know that nearly 1 million tons of organic waste ends up in Washington state landfills each year?

From the very beginning of Lautenbach Recycling we’ve been committed to finding solutions for organic waste that shouldn’t end up in the landfill or wastewater sewer system. We started with creative ideas, along the way researched and purchased new technologies, and today have partnerships with many large and small organizations who believe, like we do, that sustainability and reuse are both critical to protecting our environment.

(Cascadia Consulting Group study, 2020)
Specialty Hauling

Specialty Hauling

Using our highly specialized and safety sealed organic roll-off boxes, we’ll haul away your high-liquid, low BOD organic industrial and agricultural waste. Through our anaerobic digesters, we’ll convert it back into environmentally friendly products like green electricity, biogas, fertilizer, compost, and agricultural products.

Whether your organic waste comes from food processing plants, wastewater treatment plants, or the agricultural industry, we’re here to provide you with safe alternatives for your waste, and a solution you’ll be proud to talk about with your clients and customers.

Anaerobic Digestion

Turning Organic Waste Into Green Energy

Our commitment to organic waste recycling is a full-circle endeavor.
See how recycling your food waste with us not only limits the growth of our landfills but also allows our digesters to capture the methane released from the decomposition of the food and turn it into green electricity.  Anaerobic Digestion is true sustainability at its finest
Curious to know how it works? Watch this short video and learn more about our partnership with Vander Haak Dairy.

To get more information and learn how we can help your company recycle its organic waste contact us at [email protected]

How Can We Help You?

Roll Off Track

Roll-Off Boxes

Need a temporary box for construction, demolition, organic waste, home projects or manufacturing/industrial waste? You can rent a box by the day or rent one for longer-term use. Once you’re done, we’ll even pick it up.

Transportation truck


Need hauling services for your recyclables? Whether your job is large or small, we provide transportation services including roll-off trucks, live floor fifth wheels, and specialty transport for your high-touch materials.

Skagit Soils

Skagit Soils

Looking for compost, general soil mix, mulch, or beauty bark? Our Skagit Soils facility has it all. Are you working on a landscape project and have green waste? Bring it to us and we’ll turn it into reusable products.

Waste Audits

Metal Recycling

Looking for better ways to manage ALL your waste? Our comprehensive Waste Audit program can provide you with solutions to meet all your needs. Whether you’re a local company or global organization, our experts can help.

Packaged Food Waste?

Our Depacker can handle your spoiled, recalled, or aged out packaged food products.

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