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A Box for All Your Construction, Landscape or Remodel Projects

You’ll likely see our drop boxes at commercial construction and demolition sites around the valley – did you know that we also provide boxes for residential use as well? Perhaps you’re doing a landscape or remodel job yourself. Depending on your project, we can help you determine what size box you’ll need and guide you on the types of materials we accept.

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Protecting Our Local Environment

Annually in the United States, more than 600 million tons of construction waste ends up in landfills. That’s a lot of environmental damage that simply doesn’t need to happen. Thirty years ago, our founder Troy Lautenbach started our recycling company with the simple idea that drywall destined for the landfill could be recycled into bedding for dairy cattle.

Since those early days, we’ve expanded our environmental reach into recycling all sorts of demolition waste. We’re doing our part to protect the region we love, and we’re asking you to do yours by recycling rather than dumping in the landfill.

Drop Box Concrete

What Do We Recycle?

We’ll deliver a box, and you fill it up. We’ll take your construction materials including wood, drywall, concrete, asphalt, metal, cardboard, plastics, and glass. Even better, you can fill your box without separating out all the materials. If you fill a box before you’re project is complete, we’ll pick that up that full box and leave an empty one- this saves you time and money as your project goes along.

You’ll be doing your part to keep your construction waste out of the landfill and we’ll be doing ours to turn as much of it as we can into reusable products.

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Roll Off Boxes

Box Rentals

Do you have more construction or landscape waste than you can haul on your own? We have a variety of roll-off boxes that we can deliver to your site. Fill it with your recyclable materials, and we’ll come pick it up.

Questions and Answers

Got Questions?

We bet whatever question you have has been asked a lot over the years. So we’ve created our FAQ section to answer as many questions as we can. Not finding what you need? Give our Customer Service team a call at 360-757-4000.

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How To Do It Right

We know recycling – and we want to help you do it the right way! From construction materials to cardboard and paper, food waste, plastics and green waste – we’re here to guide you in enhancing your recycling efforts.

Skagit Soils

Skagit Soils

Looking for compost, general soil mix, mulch, or beauty bark? Our Skagit Soils facility has it all. Are you working on a landscape project and have green waste? Bring it to us and we’ll turn it into reusable products.

What do we take?

We’ll take your construction materials including wood, drywall, concrete, asphalt, metal, cardboard, plastics, and glass.

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