We’ll take the worry out of what to do with your recyclable waste, and you can feel good about doing your part in protecting the environment.

Pick the box type and sizes that fit your needs. We’ll provide a list of accepted materials that can go in the box, and we’ll make regular pick-ups based on the schedule you need.

Together we’re doing good things and doing our part in the world of sustainable waste.

Box types include:

  • Our large boxes are used for construction, demolition, landscape, plastics, cardboard, metals, and other dry materials.
  • ‘Organic’ boxes are specialty sealed and lidded and used to collect industrial waste from a variety of food processing plants and agricultural businesses.

Whether you’re looking for dry or sealed boxes, or maybe you aren’t sure the type or size box for your waste needs, contact our friendly Customer Service team to help you determine the best fit for your needs.

15 Yard Box

15 Yard Box
Dimensions: 12′ L x 4′ H

Holds: 5 tons; 15 yards

Best Use: Residential box – single unit, residential projects

TALL 20 Yard Box

TALL 20 Yard Box
Dimensions: 12′ L x 6′ H

Holds: 5 tons; 20 yards

Best Use: Residential box – single unit, residential project

20 Yard Box

20 Yard Box
Dimensions: 16′ L x 4′ H

Holds: 8-9 tons; 20 yards

Best Use: Ideal for new construction clean-up and remodeling. Good for sheetrock & wood. Concrete, but only half-way up.

27 Yard Box

27 Yard Box
Dimensions: 16′ L x 6′ H

Holds: 8-9 tons; 27 yards

Best Use: Most often used for smaller commercial or larger residential jobs.

30 Yard Box

30 Yard Box
Dimensions: 20′ L x 6′ H

Specialty Box: Lidded and sealed box used only for organic waste.

40 Yard Box

40 Yard Box
Dimensions: 22′ L x 6′ H

Holds: 8-10 tons; 40 yards

Best Use: Ideal for large construction & remodeling projects or industrial jobs.


The cost of renting a box varies based on the type of box, the rental period, your location, and the type and weight of materials you are recycling.

To request pricing, please contact our Customer Service Department.
360-757-4000  [email protected]

What Types of Materials Do We Take?

CD Waste

Construction and Demolition Materials

Whether your job is large or small, bring us your C & D materials. We take wood, concrete, plastics, sheetrock, and metals.

Organic Digester

Organic Boxes

Using our highly specialized and safely sealed organic roll-off boxes, we’ll haul away your high-liquid, low-BOD organic industrial waste.

Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials

Did you know that you can bring us your boxes of mixed materials? We’ll sort it all for you and make sure it gets correctly recycled.

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