Recycling – The Right Way

Whether it’s shipping boxes, newspapers, magazines, landscape and garden waste, bottles or cans, we’re hoping you’ve become a regular and committed recycler in your own home and workspace.

When you drop those items in a recycling container, you’re giving them a chance to become something new again and keeping them out of the landfill. When we all do our part to recycle as much as possible, we’re not only protecting our local communities and the place we love right now; we’re also setting an example for generations to come.

Are you getting ready to take on a home project like new landscaping or a remodel? Reach out to us! We can guide you in ordering a drop box to be delivered, and once you’ve filled it, we will pick it back up.

Roll Off Boxes

Roll-Off Boxes

Do you have construction and demolition waste? What about landscape green waste? Don’t take it to the landfill! If you have more than you can handle in your own trailer or pickup, you can order one of our roll-off boxes. They come in a wide variety of sizes. We’ll deliver it to your site or yard, you can fill it up, and we’ll come back and pick it up when you’re ready. We make it easy to recycle, and you’re helping the environment by not putting recyclable materials in the landfill.

Shipping Boxes

Shipping Boxes

Have you moved recently? Been ordering a lot more items online? If so, you likely have a lot of boxes piling up! Instead of cramming them into your garbage can and having them end up in the landfill, bring them to us! We can recycle all that cardboard and paper for you, and you can feel good about disposing of it in a safe and more environmentally-friendly way.

Green Waste

Landscape and Green Waste

Are you doing landscape remodels? Have a large garden? We’ll happily take your green waste, process it at our Skagit Soils facility, and then turn it back into a variety of products. We offer compost, mulch (garden and bark), mixed soils and gravel – you’ll find more information on our Skagit Soils website.

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