Recycling Is A Community Effort

At Lautenbach Recycling, we’re all about sustainable recycling solutions that positively impact cities and counties, and we’re experts at helping determine ways to make that happen. With 30+ years in the recycling business, we know how to help municipalities find recycling and sustainable solutions that can make a huge impact on the local and regional environment.

Whether it’s for your city, county, or perhaps a new recycling program for your local business community, scheduling a complementary Waste Audit is a great place to start a conversation. Give our Customer Service team a call: 360-757-4000 or send an email to [email protected].

Local Businesses

How are your local businesses recycling? There may be better solutions available! Do your restaurants have large amounts of food waste, plastics and cardboard? How about grocery stores and other businesses that receive shipments every day or week? Overflow packaging can plug up alleys and loading docks in a hurry – and it’s a haven for pests as well. We have solutions that can make it easier for business owners and their staff to handle it all – efficiently and cleanly.

Health Care & Education

What about your schools and hospitals. They create an enormous amount of waste each day; how can we help them become more effective in their recycling efforts? Along with mixed paper waste, did you know we also handle food waste? We can deliver our specially lidded and sealed organics boxes to the site and schedule regular pick ups that meets the needs of the schools and medical facilities.

Want to know more about how together we can set up recycling programs to keep all that waste out of the landfill? The first step is to give us a call or send an email and we’ll schedule a time to talk about all kinds of alternatives . You can reach us at 360-757-4000 or send an email to: [email protected]

Industrial & Manufacturing

Do you have local or regional industrial and manufacturing plants? They create a lot of waste! They may have a recycling program in place, but is it recycling everything it can? Often when we tour a facility during a Waste Audit, the onsite leadership team is surprised at what else they could be recycling. We can help guide your industrial and manufacturing businesses in new and innovative ways to make sure they’re recycling as much waste as possible. Interested in learning more about how we can help? Schedule a complimentary Waste Audit.

City & County Facilities

What about your own city buildings and departments? You may be able to recycle far more than you realize – and a Waste Audit can help you determine new and better solutions.

Construction projects on the horizon? Make sure you recycle all of the construction debris possible. If you don’t have the capacity to handle it all internally, we can provide roll-off boxes that we’ll deliver, you can fill, and we’ll pick up as they get full.

Do you hold large events? Let us deliver one of our ‘organics’ boxes to capture all of the food waste. We’ll pick it back up when your event is over and then take all that waste, run it through our depackaging machine to separate the papers and packaging from the food products, and recycle it all in different ways. Talk about a win/win for your community!

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