Property Management

Did you know that we have recycling programs for all types of managed properties? We’ve got 30+ years of experience with all facets of recycling. We’re experts at helping property managers and homeowner associations determine the best types of recycling programs to meet their needs. We start with a conversation about how we can help, and then we schedule a Waste Audit to take a look at what’s being done now, and what new and innovative solutions we can provide.

Let’s Look at Your Needs

We can help you look at ways to lower your property’s solid waste bill by looking at  better recycling options, and creating customized solutions that your residents will feel good about using. When we all recycle right, we’re doing our part to help protect the environment.

Do you have boxes stacked everywhere?? We know everyone is ordering a LOT more online these days, and all those items come packaged in bags and boxes. How many Amazon boxes are plugging up your bins each week? How about packing materials? Are your residents tossing a lot of recyclable items in the garbage simply because they either don’t know if something is recyclable.  Let us help educate your residents!

Let’s schedule a complimentary Waste Audit (for one, or multiple properties) with you. We’ll listen to your current concerns, walk the property with you to see what you’re doing currently with your waste streams, and then create a plan specific to your needs that still makes recycling easy for your residents to do.

Ready to chat? Give our Customer Service team a call at 360-757-4000 or send an email and we’ll get an audit scheduled for you.

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