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Recycling is a Shared Responsibility

Are you recycling all that you could be? We’ll often hear someone say, “I didn’t know I could recycle that!”  Whether it’s newspapers, bottles, plastics or glass – or even metals, construction materials or appliances – it’s important that those items don’t end up in the landfill. When we all do our part to recycle as much as possible, we’re protecting our communities now, and for generations to come.

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What Can You Recycle?

Being a good recycler isn’t hard and the benefits far outweigh simply tossing something in the garbage that could be recycled.

Here’s a short list of household items you can recycle: Mixed papers, cardboard, bottles, cans, glass, and plastics. Looking for more information? You’ll find more details at our partner SSC’s website.

You can also bring your yard, garden, and landscape waste to our Skagit Soils site in Mount Vernon.

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The Right Sized Box for Your Large Projects

Are you doing a home remodel project? Ordering one of our roll-off boxes is a great way to contain all your waste for recycling so it doesn’t end up in the landfill. We’ve got a variety of sizes available we can deliver to your site. You fill it up, and we’ll pick it back up. If your project is producing a lot of waste, we can schedule ongoing pick ups until your project is completed.

If it’s a smaller project and you have a pickup or trailer full of debris, you can bring it to our Lautenbach facility in Mount Vernon.

Looking for More Information?

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Self-Haul Recycling

Do you have construction, remodel, or landscape waste? You can bring it to our Skagit Valley location. See all the accepted materials that we take by using our Learn More button below or by calling our customer service team.

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Skagit Soils

Looking for compost, general soil mix, mulch, or beauty bark? Our Skagit Soils facility has it all. Are you working on a landscape project and have green waste? Bring it to us and we’ll turn it into reusable products.

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How To Do It Right

We know recycling – and we want to help you do it the right way! From construction materials to cardboard and paper, food waste, plastics and green waste – we’re here to guide you in enhancing your recycling efforts.

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Got Questions?

We bet whatever question you have has been asked a lot over the years. So we’ve created our FAQ section to answer as many questions as we can. Not finding what you need? Give our Customer Service team a call at 360-757-4000.

Landscape and Green Waste?

Skagit Soils will turn it into reusable products.

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